5etools: Free Suite of Tools for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons players and Dungeon Masters (LATEST 2024)

5etools are one of the best suites of tools available for the 5th Dungeons & Dragons fantasy tabletop role-playing game.

It provides tools separately for Dungeons & Dragons players and Dungeon Masters.

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So that, you will find it easier to use the 5etools by selecting tools for each aspect separately.

What is the 5etools Suite?

5etools suite includes everything that you need as a player and a Dungeon Masters (DM).

In other words, it provides the required tools to create Dungeons & Dragons characters, spell casting and class guides, different types of magical items, feats, and many more.

So, it has whatever you name relating to the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

Apart from the basic 5etools suite, it also provides some helpful tips and tricks that you need to run a proper Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaign.

Below is a classification of resources included in the 5e tools suite.

  • Players – Races, Classes, Feats, options and features, backgrounds, Items, Spells, and Psionics.
  • Rules – Adventure, Books, Quick Reference, and Conditions.
  • Dungeon Masters – Bestiary, DM Screen, Loot Generator, and CR Calculator.

Further, 5etools have many other resources such as,

Instructional guides to become a better Dungeon Masters, music tracks for the game, dice customization tips, recipes for DND game nights.

Moreover, this has separate guides to train you to play a fair game and survive in different conditions.

For example, when you refer to these guides, you will get a quick understanding of how you can survive in the game under the conditions such as UnderDark, Eberron, and so on.

When you have the tool proficiency with tool kits like 5etools, it will help you to add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks when you create a visual disguise.

Tools Package Information

Tool Suite Name5etools
Integration MethodFoundry VTT, Roll20, BetteR20 and so on.
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsWeb Browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.)
Supported OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry PI

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How to Use 5etools for Dungeons & Dragons?

You can use the 5etools suite with different platforms like Plutonium, Roll20, and BetteR20.

However, the priority is given only for the Plutonium module, and only the basic development and maintenance are released for other platforms.

How to Integrate the 5etools suite with Foundry VTT?

5etools with Foundry VTT

Foundry VTT is a separate software application, and it is considered to be one of the best alternatives to Roll20.

This virtual Tabletop platform can be seamlessly integrated with 5eTools, and it’s a self-hosted, modern, and developer-friendly role-playing platform.

When you use the Foundry VTT, you can get the best Role-Playing Games (RPGs) experience.

Because, it offers rich features to the players to connect themselves directly through the browser.

Further, 5etools have more support for the Foundry VTT when it comes to the Plutonium module.

In addition to that, 5e tools do not put much effort into BetteR20 and will not issue updates other than the basic maintenance.

You can simply install the Plutonium Module by copy-pasting this manifest URL on the Foundry virtual Tabletop platform’s Install-Module dialogue.

How to Integrate the 5etools suite with Roll20 and BetteR20?

5e tools with Roll20

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, active developments for Roll20 and BetteR20 are not carried out by the 5etools Developers other than the basic maintenance.

So that, it is recommended to use the Plutonium platform for better results with the 5etools set.

However, if you want to continue with these platforms, you can follow the Roll20 Enhancement suite and Tampermonkey Chrome or Firefox Web Browser Extensions.

Also, you can use the BetteR20 script URL as well.

Further, you can fill out the character sheet by quickly importing the character options, spells, and items.

If you are a Game Master (GM), you will have the option to import tables, monsters, and adventures as well.

If you want to import monsters using 5etools, you should have a default character sheet in your game.

The most recommended method is to use the Open Game License (OGL), when you are importing something.

After that, you can switch between different aspects as you wish.

It’s important to keep in mind that, you have to keep open up the NPC sheet when you are switching to the shaped sheet once you import and allow it to convert.

5etools Features Review

5etools are the easiest way to do tasks such as crafting and repairing items in the game.

They will also help you in activities like forging documents, picking locks, and so on as well.

When it comes to gaining your tool proficiency, your race, class, background, or feats will help you with certain tools.

5etools are connected with many abilities in the Dungeons & Dragons role play game.

Because, when you have proficiency with a single tool, it shows a broader range of knowledge when it comes to using that particular tool.

For example, let’s say that you have been asked to use your woodcarver’s tools in order to make a Dexterity check to carve a fine detail, Or,

Create something out of specific hardwood by doing Strength checks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5etools Suite Free?

Yes, You can use it for free, and you can also download the Source code as well.

What are the Browsers and Devices support for 5etools?

You can use Almost any browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on.
Also, you can use Windows and Mac Devices to use this suite.

Do I need to create an account to use 5etools?

No, You Don’t have to. All the data and information are saved in your browser cookies.

What is 5e wikidot?

It is a separate wiki area dedicated to the 5etools suite.

how to use 5etools userscript?

You have to click on the BetteR20 script link on the site and after that, you can see it in the Tampermonkey dashboard with the option to enable and disable it.

How to update 5etools?

You will get automatic updates and if it does not get updated automatically, you can do it manually too.

How to save 5etools?

All the Information is saved in your browser cache and cookies. so if you clear your browser cookies or close your incognito window all your saved data will be lost.