5e tools: Download the Updated Version (Latest 2024)

Welcome to the 5etools Download Instructions page. This page intends to guide you regarding the setting up of this tools set.

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So if you have not used any type of tools set for the 5th edition of Dungeon and Dragon, please follow the below instructions.

Further, its important to be proficient in using 5etools if you want to become a pro game player.

Download 5etools


5etools Technical and Compatibility Instructions

This tools suite is widely used by many Dungeon and Dragon tabletop fantasy game players all around the world.

One of the main reasons for such popularity for the 5e tools suite is that it’s convenient to use when compared to other tools.

Also, it provides the necessary tools separately for Dungeon and Dragon Players and Masters.

When it comes to the system compatibility requirements for the 5etools suite, it supports for few different platforms.

Usually, the tools set are launched on any of the web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, and so on.

When it comes to the supported platforms, you can use the 5etools suite with Roll20, BetteR 20 Foundry VTT and so on.

Even though many supportable platforms are available, game players generally use Foundry VTT and Plutonium module.

There is a couple of reason behind this.

The main reason is that 5etools are actively releasing updates only for the Plutonium module.

So the players will have to stick with that.

How to Troubleshoot Common 5e tools Issues?

5e tools suite is not like many other games and supported apps that you download.

It’s a bit different toolset because it is used along with fantasy tabletop games.

There should not be an issue when you have properly integrated the 5etools suite with Foundry VTT.

So it is important that you follow the proper guidelines to integrate the tools suite with Foundry VTT.

If your role in the Dungeon and Dragon game is a Master, you can have different options than the players.

For example, you will be able to import certain tables and data that require playing your role in the game.