Wireless TV Speakers – Complete Guide (UPDATED 2022)

You’ve already got the best plasma or LCD TV in town. Don’t you think that it is best paired with a good audio system? Surely it is. What’s a home theater system with the largest screen possible if you can’t possibly enjoy crisp surround sound with it? But then again, it doesn’t matter whether you have a plasma TV or not. You should invest in a quality home audio system nonetheless. And if you can, get the best Wireless TV speakers that your money can buy.

wireless speaker

Most plasma TVs don’t have built-in speakers installed. As such, you have no choice but to purchase a speaker system separately or use whatever you already have at home. However, you might not enjoy a full cinematic experience if you don’t install a complete surround wireless speaker system. While any make-shift audio equipment is known to work, you are definitely better off with a good set of audio system.

Surround is the best. But it can be quite a task to install. You need at least six individual speakers to complete the setup. Your brand new TV will be at the front center of the room. Then you would have to connect two speakers on each side, another one in front, two at the rear, and the last one on top. Then think about all the wires you need to run around. You sure you can do everything neatly?

Well, don’t worry. There’s a solution for all of these now. You don’t really have to be concerned with all the cabling issues. Wireless TV speakers are here to the rescue. These devices would work beautifully with your LCD TV. And it is a jiffy to install too. Wouldn’t you rather go for the stress-free alternative? They’re wireless so you only have to connect the controller box into the audio ports of your TV. The rest can be connected wirelessly. Or if you still prefer the wired setup, that’s possible too.

When it comes to surround systems, the only big problem you have are the wireless satellite speakers for the rear. The front left and right speakers are easy to wire about. But if you have to do the same thing to the rear speakers six feet away from the TV, that’s when the headache begins.

Forget about the headache and go wireless. With a set of good wireless TV speakers, you’ll enjoy the best sound ever without the hassles. Now, you can outwardly say that your living room is a real home theater system. Just be sure to get the best one in the market. You know that it is if the speaker works with no static and no dropped signals. Then you should be all set.

How to Use a Wireless Speaker Adapter

If are done with all the wires inside your home entertainment system, you should consider getting a wireless speaker adapter. Cabling has always been the major concern of most homeowners as far as setting up their home theaters is concerned. If you are thinking of constructing a house, there’s no problem because you can always go for the in-wall setup while the construction is in the works.

But what if your house was built 20 years ago and chipping through the concrete and the hardwood just to keep the cables in is impractical? Would you rather skip the home theater idea or would you still busy yourself with the clutter of wires?

Well, worry no more. A wireless speaker adapter was already created to solve major problems like these. Now, even if you’re moving to a new home and running cables around the house is not possible, you can still enjoy the same crisp, cinematic sound that you always wanted in your home theater.

The speaker adapter would work with virtually any speaker – old, new, wireless satellite speakers, and anything in between. With the innovative wireless protocol this device uses, you can transmit good sound without worrying about interference with cordless phones, mobile phones, routers, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, or any other WiFi-enabled gadgets.

The device is composed of an adapter that would connect the outputs of your existing audio system to your control center. Now, you really don’t have to worry about cabling. The adapter would work seamlessly on any speaker and the main unit. And that main unit can easily be your computer system.

When buying these devices, the only thing you should consider is their compatibility with your best speakers. Determine the actual use of the device first. Where are you going to connect it? Are the connectors the same? Also, you might want to check the store’s policies for returns and the product’s warranty. For the novice in home theater and wireless speaker setups, it is very easy to be mistaken about the ports and connectors you need. Some people can really be clueless when it comes to these matters.

So you really might want to go for the safer route. Bottom line? There are many ways to get rid of all the wires and clutter around you these days. The trend is to go wireless. If your home theater or computer system is still connected with cables of different sizes, it’s high time to eliminate them. You don’t really have to live with all of the wires for the rest of your life.