What is the keyboard tray? Complete Guide (2022)

We cannot think of a world today without computers, can we? Gone are the days when we had to do things manually. That not only took a great deal of time but it required a lot of effort too.

Today all that has changed and changed for the better as we have computers to help us out with our daily work. 

What is the keyboard tray? 

Those of you who work on a computer will know what a keyboard tray is? It is a hardware component of the computer and has the typing keys on it.

The keyboard is called the “QWERTY” keyboard. Without the keyboard tray, the computer is incomplete and you cannot do any kind of typing work on your computer.

keyboard tray

Computers have made our lives simpler and easier too. That is why you find that all across the world companies have personal computers for their staff.

In most organizations, people work on desktops. This is because they can be operated effortlessly and are user-friendly. Those of us who have to work on our computers for long hours require keyboard trays so that it is more comfortable.

Every desktop has a keyboard with it. The idea of a keyboard tray is always a good one as it makes working much easier. Most people do not get tired at all as the keyboard trays can be moved around. This allows flexibility to the user. Now you know what the keyboard tray is

Having a keyboard tray can be really useful to the user. One does feel uneasy sitting at the computer in one position for long hours.

If you are able to move your hands a bit and change your sitting positions it will make you feel comfortable. This way you will not complain of any health issues too. When you do a little physical activity, you will certainly feel more relaxed. A keyboard tray can slide back and forth. If you want you can place your documents on it as well.

These trays are made of wood and glass. You will have to decide what is good for you. Wood is more suitable for workplaces. Glass is fragile and you need to be more careful if there are children around.

One also cannot place heavy items on it as it may break. If you are worried about the price then let me tell you that they are quite inexpensive.

When you find the perfect one in the market do not hesitate to buy as it will really be worth it! You have the answer to what is the keyboard tray.

Find out about the keyboard tray- factors to consider when buying

There are several factors you need to consider before buying the keyboard tray of your choice. Among them flexibility of the tray, material used, price of the tray, its durability, and the design matter a lot.

Imagine yourself as a customer. What are the things you would like to find in your keyboard tray? It has to serve its purpose well. Why else would you like to buy it otherwise?

If you find that it can be moved around and you can work comfortably on it for hours it is worth it. You will be able to move your hands and body from one position to another. There will be no health complaints at all. It has to be flexible. Think about the keyboard tray- factors to consider when buying.

Planning to buy a keyboard tray– factors to consider when buying are many. The next factor that you need to check is what material has been used to make it.

Generally, keyboard trays are made of wood and glass.  Wood is more durable and that is why people prefer to more. On the other hand, glass is fragile and can break anytime if you are not careful.

If you have children at home, you will have to be careful that they do not break it while playing. Hot things and heavy items cannot be placed on it at all.  So you need to decide on the material.

Read about a keyboard tray– factors to consider when buying are quite a few. Next is the most important factor and that is the price of the keyboard tray.

If you think that it is inexpensive, you will not have to worry at all. You can always afford to have one. But if it is expensive you may have to think twice before buying one.

Your budget will be the deciding factor in this. Even if you have the money, you will still have to be careful with it. You can get many good products at a lesser price so it is wrong to think that only expensive keyboard trays have good quality.

One can find discounted ones also if one tries. Search the Internet and get the best keyboard trays at a discount.

Lastly, decide on the design of the keyboard tray. You can choose a simple one or the one that is trendy and fashionable. What is important is that it should meet your requirements and be of use to you.

You will like to work on your computer if you have a comfortable body posture. A keyboard tray is meant for it as you can move it around and work in a relaxed manner.

Keyboard tray and how to clean it?

Cleaning the keyboard tray can be really quite simple. Many of us like to work on our computers for long hours. And it is possible that while surfing the net we may spill our drinks or food on the keyboard. If you do not clean it then the spilt matter will deposit on it and your keyboard will get sticky. So what do you do then?

Accidents do happen but then if you are not careful with your things you may have to spend a lot of money repairing it later. Chances of repairing a keyboard are null and void if you have spilled your soft drink on it. You may have to get it repaired by the manufacturer. Or buy a new one as it will cost the same. So, Do you know what a keyboard tray is and how to clean it?

Keyboard cleaning is not a complicated process at all. It requires your time and patience, that’s all. If you have both you can go right ahead and make an attempt at cleaning it yourself.

First, you need to remove the battery compartment cover, and then the batteries have to be removed. You will find seven Philips head screws fixed on the keyboard. Unscrew them one by one and place them carefully in a container so that they do not get lost. After that, you will have to open the top and the bottom of the keyboard. Use a screwdriver if you like. You can choose a medium-sized one that has a straight edge.

The top of the keyboard will come off easily. Put the smoked plastic back in the groove that covers the infrared transmitter. You will find that the keys are attached to a metal plate. On the top of the keyboard, there is a small circuit and the assembly is connected to it.

When you clean the keyboard the two small white connectors have to be disconnected. Little by little you will have to dismantle the keyboard completely. Only then the cleaning process can begin. You will have to do this gently so that none of the parts get damaged. It does take some time but you can do it yourself.  It will save you money as you will not have to send it to the manufacturer. Learn more about the keyboard tray and how to clean it.

Do you know how to change or replace keyboard tray?

Due to many reasons, you may have to change or replace your keyboard tray. Sometimes the keyboard tray gets damaged and needs repair. As repair can be costly some of us like to have it replaced completely with a new one. That costs the same amount of money.

A keyboard tray is very useful for computer users. You can store your keyboard nicely and that keeps it in new condition always. If you take proper care of your keyboard, it will be with you for many years and you will not have to replace it ever. Learn how to change or replace the keyboard tray.

But just in case you have to replace it, there are many options. There may be a center desk drawer on your desk that you do not use at all. Did you think of converting it to a keyboard tray? If not, think about it now as it is a great idea.

At a very little cost, you will be able to have a great-looking keyboard tray at your place. It does not require much effort at all. All you need is some time to make it and of course some patience too! Before you know your keyboard tray will be complete and you will be happy to see the final product. Read how to change or replace the keyboard tray.

The things you require to make a keyboard tray are a saw, a spade drill bit of about ¾ inches, and the power drill. The drawer is normally placed on the rails. You will have to take out the drawer from the rails. Then the front of the drawer will have to be cut off. Create a hole at the back of the drawer using the drill.

The keyboard wire will run through it. Make the hole big enough so that the cable grommet fits in snugly. You will have to learn how to install the cable grommet properly. Fit the cap on the top of the grommet. You can add hinges to the front of the drawer. If you attach two small cabinet latches on the bottom of the drawer from inside and get them connected to the drawer on the inside front you can hide the keyboard when not in use.

The cabinet catches have to be put up. Mark those places where the roller end will be out up. Fix the cabinet catches and then screw in the rollers where you want to put them. After a few more steps your keyboard tray will be complete. This way you can come to know how to change or replace the keyboard tray.